About Us

Baked Betty's was founded from the heart and soul of Co-owner Mrs.Betty. From her love of baking and cannabis the perfect treat was created and Baked Betty's was born.

Our goal is to provide the edible market with traditional baked cannabis treats that everyone remembers from grandmas kitchen.We strive to ensure every edible from Mrs.Betty's kitchen is homemade using the freshest, sweetest ingredients combined with hand picked high quality cannabis to deliver a delicious Full Spectrum High.

Every process from selecting only fresh cannabis flower , preparing our butter and oil to hand dipping cherries to packaging and labeling is completed in-house ensuring you only receive the best Baked Betty's has to offer.

In a small production kitchen our bakers work diligently to only produce the highest quality best tasting cannabis infused edible products on the market. We strive to create products that continue to taste homemade.